Monday, September 04, 2006

Exclusive Interview With Ryan Star - Tenth Rocker Voted Off On ROCK STAR SUPERNOVA

By ReX, Rock Star Go Home Founder (RSGH)

You have to admire Ryan Star. The piano/rocker stumbled through the beginning of ROCK STAR SUPERNOVA only to gallop into the final six contestants as the ′Dark Horse′.

I will admit. I did not see Ryan winning the Supernova gig. However, I did enjoy watching him week-after-week-after-week. The guy is entertaining. And, his encore performance of ′Losing My Religion′ was epic.

For me, Ryan brought a much-needed, unique energy to Mark Burnett′s reality rockumentary that turned the spotlight away from ′The Lukas vs. Dilana Experience′, if only for 3 minutes each Tuesday night performance show.

That said, I was stoked to meet up with Ryan Star and query the brain of the eighth singer eliminated from ROCK STAR SUPERNOVA.

ReX: Wassup Ryan?

Ryan Star: Ohhhhhhh man!

ReX: How goes it?

Ryan Star: Ya know. I'm just soaking up the freedom right now. Just taking in all the goodness that is around me.

ReX: Gotcha. Tell me about that goodness.

Ryan Star: Well. For the past two months, I′ve been sequestered in the mansion and on ROCK STAR SUPERNOVA. Me, and the others, we′ve been putting out a lot of energy.

The odd thing is that you don′t really know, or get a good perception of, how that energy is being received. Now, that I′m out of the house, I′m getting it back. It feels great to see the impact of what we′ve done. It′s very, very cool. I′m just soaking in the love right now. Ya know...

ReX: I hear ya. Hey. I gotta know.... Did you really get laid in the mansion?

Ryan Star: [BIG LAUGHTER] So, that made the air? [MORE LAUGHTER] Well. My girlfriend did make it out to L.A. during the filming... So, yes... I did get laid. [Still laughing]

ReX: That′s my boy! Ya little Dark Horse P.I.M.P. Ha-Hahhhhh. Next question.

Ryan Star: Yah.

ReX: You killed Teenage Wasteland on Elimination Night.... Were you surprised that you were sent home?

Ryan Star: I gave it my all. My world has been upside down for two months. There are no real surprises. I guess they thought there was a better fit for Supernova with the others. All I know is that I stayed true to who I am as an artist and a person. I couldn′t ask for anything better than ROCK STAR SUPERNOVA.

Ya know, I turned down the audition for the show. I think they wanted me to be the ′New York Indie′ guy and I wasn′t too into it. But, then I figured... It′s 2006. Television is the new record label. I gotta give it a try. If you′re not a phony, it can really break you.

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