Saturday, April 22, 2006

Oxygen Announces BREAKING UP WITH SHANNEN DOHERTY - Reality Series On Breaking Up Relationships

Shannen Doherty Hosts and Executive Produces New Half Hour Series for Oxygen Premiering in August

Shannen Doherty is joining Oxygen, home to larger than life personalities and Totally Assertive Females, as star and executive producer of Oxygen′s newest original half hour reality series, BREAKING UP WITH SHANNEN DOHERTY. In this twist on reality relationship shows, Doherty, the ultimate Totally Assertive Female, comes to the rescue of men and women who are unable to muster up the courage to break off their toxic relationships with bad boyfriends/girlfriends, "frenemies," or tyrannical bosses. The original series premieres this August, and is also executively produced by Hallock and Healey Entertainment, producers of Scare Tactics. Oxygen has ordered 13 episodes.

Shannen Doherty joins forces with people in relationship peril who want to get out but just can′t seem to do it on their own. She will listen to the plight of her new "client" and put their mates to the test by creating a fictitious situation - caught by a hidden camera - to determine the true character of the relationship. If the test is failed, Doherty then helps put the relationship out of its misery. In each episode, Doherty will then help mastermind the break-up, and be on the scene to deliver the news and resolve the break-up. The goal at the end is for both parties to agree that it′s all for the best and it′s time to move on.

"Shannen Doherty belongs on Oxygen - she is the ideal addition to our roster of funny, fascinating, and sometimes controversial women," said Debby Beece, Oxygen′s President of Programming and Marketing. "We love that Shannen is honest and willing to tell it like it is, two qualities that are perfectly suited to help good people get out of bad situations."

Breaking Up with Shannen Doherty is the latest addition to a premiere packed summer of new originals on Oxygen. In June, Oxygen premieres The Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency, a reality series that chronicles the exploits of AMERICA′S OVER THE TOP MODEL, Janice Dickinson, as she attempts to launch her own modeling agency. In July, Oxygen premieres MO′;NIQUE′S F.A.T. CHANCE; the second annual beauty competition for plus sized women. Joining Breaking Up in August is FIGHT GIRLS, a reality movie that features the country′s best female fighters as they train to compete with the toughest women on earth in a battle for the Muay Thai World Championship.