Wednesday, July 13, 2005

ROCK STAR INXS Online Voting Really Screwed UP

Message boards and forums on the Internet are abuzz with numerous problems for people attempting to vote for their favorite performers on the new reality TV series ROCK STAR INXS.

MSN, who is one of the official sponsors of the show, is causing numerous complaints and issues for people who logged into the official website and finding that either there is no where on the main page to vote for their performers or a message appears that voting has close.

All the complaints are very similar in nature as one such post indicates:

clytores on the message board said:

"I have just finished watching the show:

(1) Can´t vote using the link.

(2) No link on exists.

This sucks. Clearly, your web page programmers took the rock star fantasy TOO FAR and was drunk, stoned, or whatever when the page was created."

Numerous other people are also complaining that they cannot vote if they are using another web browser other than Internet Explorer. While others are also complaining that people on Apple Macintosh Computers are not even allowed to vote.

(Editors note: Our staff had numerous problems attempting to vote as well - as we all kept getting messages that voting was closed. Unfortunately, no one from our staff was ever able to place a vote).

And now to add more salt to the wound, voters were informed at the end of last night´s performance that their vote may really not even count anyway since the general public will not be really deciding on who stays or who goes. The reason behind that is the band, Inxs, gets to eliminate one performer themselves tonight (out of the bottom three vote getters).

For a show that premiered on Monday with disappointing ratings - irrating the fans they do have may not be in the best interest of the series.