Thursday, December 07, 2006

Tonight On SURVIVOR - Seven Castaways Are Left And The Loved Ones Arrive

"Arranging A Hit" -- With only seven castaways left, the Loved Ones arrive in hopes of winning the reward, on SURVIVOR: COOK ISLANDS, Tonight (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT), on the CBS Television Network.

Prior to the Reward Challenge, Parvati is seriously hurt when she slices her finger with a machete, forcing the Medical Team to arrive at camp. How will this injury affect her position in the game and her ability to perform at the Reward Challenge? One alliance devises a plan to hide food from their competing tribe members in an effort to make them hungry and weak. At the Immunity Challenge, balance and agility are assets.

And, the 14th castaway is voted out of the tribe.



J.P. Calderon (4th Voted Off), Cristina Coria (7th Voted Off), Billy Garcia (2nd Voted Off), Ozzy Lusth, Cecilia Mansilla (3rd Voted Off)


Rebecca Borman (10th Voted Off), Sekou Bunch (1st Voted Off), Stephannie Favor (5th Voted Off), Nathan Gonzales (12th Voted Off), Sundra Oakley


Cao Boi Bui (6th Voted Off), Jenny Guzon-Bae (11th Voted Off), Yul Kwon, Becky Lee, Brad Virata (9th Voted Off)


Adam Gentry, Jonathan Penner, Parvati Shallow, Jessica Smith (8th Voted Off), Candice Woodcock (13th Voted Off)

SURVIVOR: COOK ISLANDS is hosted by Jeff Probst and produced by SEG, Inc. Mark Burnett and Tom Shelly are the executive producers. Doug McCallie and Kevin Greene are co-executive producers.