Wednesday, June 01, 2005

OLN Lands Exclusive Syndication Rights to SURVIVOR

In the network's biggest acquisition to date, OLN(R) today announced that it has acquired exclusive syndication rights to air seasons I through X of Mark Burnett´s and CBS´ signature, blockbuster, reality series SURVIVOR. This will be the first time most of these episodes have been seen on television since their original airing. The network plans to debut the first season on July 24, after Lance Armstrong's final ride in the 2005 Tour de France.

"OLN´s mission is to captivate viewers with content that feeds their need for thrills, challenges and the drama of competition, adventure and achievement in the outdoors," said Gavin Harvey, President of OLN. "SURVIVOR covers all of those areas. What better show to bring to OLN, than one that is all about surviving and competing in the great outdoors?"

"SURVIVOR is in good company on OLN, especially with the premiere following the epic conclusion of Lance Armstrong´s final Tour de France," said Mark Burnett, Executive Producer of SURVIVOR. "I´m excited SURVIVOR fans are going to be able to revisit their favorite moments from past seasons. It´s a fantastic growth opportunity for OLN and a great partnership for us."

The deal, secured through King World, includes the rights to 10 seasons and more than 160 episodes of the series, as well as options for the next two seasons. Viewers will be able to relive all of the scheming and the physical challenges, the tension-filled Tribal Councils, and the most exciting moments from SURVIVOR history. Who could forget Susan Hawk´s tirade and the bare-all Richard Hatch in Season I? John Dalton lying about his grandmother´s death and Rupert Boneham stealing from the opposing team in SURVIVOR: PEARL ISLANDS? Jenna Morasca and Heidi Strobel stripping for chocolate and peanut butter in SURVIVOR AMAZON? And, of course, Rob Mariano proposing to Amber Brkich on the live reunion show of SURVIVOR ALL-STARS?

OLN will not only present each season in its entirety, but also package the programs according to various themes like ´Most Villainous Characters´ and ´Biggest Twists.´ The network will also use SURVIVOR as a platform to introduce OLN´s new generation of original series.

"This show presents a huge opportunity for our network," said Marc Fein, Senior Vice President of Programming and Production. "Since 2000 each season of Survivor has ranked among the top five shows of that season and averaged more than 20 million viewers. Research speaks to the show´s continuing strength and the compatibility between our audience and that of SURVIVOR. The built-in fan base will bring new viewers to OLN, exposing them to all of the other great programming we have to offer."

"SURVIVOR is the reality series that spawned a whole new television genre," said Harvey. "It is a prized acquisition and a perfect fit for OLN."