Sunday, April 03, 2005


A new reality TV Show featuring daredevil Robert Knievel will premiere Tuesday, April 5 at 10:00PM EST (9:00PM CST) on A&E Channel.

KNIEVEL´S WILD RIDE features the extraordinary exploits of Robert Knievel and his family. This new real-life series gives and exuberant and unfiltered look into the day-to day life of our generations greatest living daredevil, a guy who lives hard. plays hard and most certainly works hard. Each episode revolves around Robbie´s preparation for his next jump. There are no rules and no fabrications - the life-or-death stakes are very real.

The show also features Robbie´s ragtag crew of buddies, offering viewers a rare glimpse into the authentic world of outlaw bikers as they crisscross the country on their hogs in pursuit of the next great jump. From the muscle-bound Austrian mechanic, Roman to the heavy metal rocker turned roadie, Rocker Pete, the band of loveable rogues serve as Robbie´s surrogate family on the road.

Robbie´s real family, including the hard bitten father and beautiful daughter, also appear in the series. the show chronicles the emotionally charged struggle of a son struggling to live outside the enormous shadow of larger-than-life father, Evel Knievel, the most legendary daredevil of all time.

A video preview of the show is available at the official website at: